3M Unitek Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device EZ2 Module

Fatigue Resistant Device

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3M Unitek Forsus EZ2 Module – Short 25MM

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3M Unitek Forsus EZ2 Module – Medium 29MM

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3M Unitek Forsus EZ2 Module – Large 32MM

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3M Unitek Forsus EZ2 Module – Extra Large 35MM

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The EZ2 Module allows for more consistent installation and automatically prevents the spring from pivoting toward the cheek. The EZ2 module can be used only with an occlusal headgear tube and has permanently marked indicators for the left and right sides




A simple one-step installation into the headgear tube
A telescoping coaxial spring designed to allow for enhanced patient jaw opening
A comfortable stainless steel mechanism that does not bow out into the cheek
Low spring stresses to give the Forsus spring a longer, more fatigue-resistant life
Open spring design to facilitate good oral hygiene
One appointment installation, chairside, with no lab work required
Independent left and right components, install only one side if desired


1 x Patient kit EZ2 Module