3M ESPE Pedodontic Strip Crown Kit | Anterior Crown Kit

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The 3M ESPE Pedodontic Strip Crown Kit offers a versatile and efficient solution for pediatric anterior crown applications. This comprehensive kit includes a generous supply of 120 prefabricated, transparent strip crowns, specifically designed for use in primary dentition. These crowns have been thoughtfully engineered to simplify and enhance the restorative process for young patients.

One of the standout features of these strip crowns is their automatic contouring capability. When filled with restorative materials and placed, they seamlessly adapt to the natural dentition, ensuring a smooth and aesthetically pleasing appearance. After placement, these crowns can be effortlessly removed, leaving behind a polished surface, which contributes to patient comfort and satisfaction.

These strip crowns also boast thin interproximal walls, facilitating tight contacts between adjacent teeth. This feature promotes proper alignment and occlusion, critical factors in pediatric dental care. Despite their thin profile, these crowns provide sufficient strength for easy handling during the restoration process, ensuring precise placement.




Automatically contours restorative material to match natural dentition.
Strips off easily leaving a smooth surface.
Thin interproximal walls allow for tight contacts.
Provides sufficient strength for easy handling.
Ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites.
Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy storage.


Pediatric anterior crown applications.
Ideal for use with chemical or light-cured composites.


120 PCS