WOODPECKER WT-2 Infrared Thermometer

Medical Grade Thermometer

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Infrared Medical Grade Thermometer




Segmented battery display - The screen automatically displays a warning when the battery is low


Imported Germany HEIMANN Sensor - Integrated Dual-Probe, Real-Time Collection of human body temperature and ambient temperature data, and intelligent compensation of human boay temperature based on ambient temperature, minimizes temperature measurement errors caused by interference factors.


Multi-mode measurement Powerful Funcion, Body temperature surface temperature Two modes measurement one devce, multiple uses

KEY Specifications

Model: WT-2
Measurement site: Forehead
Measuring range: 32.0 ℃ ~ 42.5 ℃
Resolution: 0.1 ℃
Maximum allowable error: 32.0 ℃ ~ 42.5 ℃ ± 0.3 ℃
Battery prompts: low battery prompts
Automatic shutdown time: If there is no operation for 60s, the device will automatically
shut down.
Size: about 153 × 93 × 41mm (length x width x height)

The product must be kept clean and stored in a dry place.
Do not place the product in a place subject to electric shock.
Do not store the product in extreme temperature environments above 55 ° C or below 20 ° C and humidity above 93%.

Type of protection against electric shock: Internal power supply equipment
Degree of protection against electric shock: BF applied part
Degree of protection against harmful ingress of water: Ordinary equipment.
Degree of safety application in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen, or nitrous oxide: Equipment cannot be used in the presence of a flammable anesthetic mixture with air, oxygen, or nitrous oxide.
Type of operation mode: Continuous operating device
The Infrared thermometer does not have an application part that protects against the
effects of defibrillation discharge.
The Infrared thermometer has no signal input or signal output.
Rated voltage of the equipment: DC 3V.

Directions To USE

Press the key for power-on, wait for the display for about 2 seconds, and the buzzer will beep once which means that the product enters the forehead temperature measurement mode.
Point the device at human forehead, and press the measurement button.
With a “beep” sound, the measurements ends and the temperature will be displayed on screen.
Note: When measuring, you need to aim at the forehead, <5cm for temperature measurement. 2.POWER OFF If there is no operation after the measurement, the product will automatically shut down in about 60 seconds. 3.CLEANING AND DISINFECTION The product and its accessories cannot be autoclaved. Do not use strong acid or alkaline solution for disinfection. Before each use, the applied part on patient should be wiped and disinfected with 75% medical alcohol. The product does not need to be cleaned and disinfected frequently during normal use. When the following conditions are found, please follow the instructions. 1) EXTERNAL DIRT: Wipe the dirt with a clean soft cloth and water, or wipe with a cotton swab and medical alcohol. Wiping with medical alcohol can also have sterilization effect. Take care not to add too much water or alcohol to prevent damage to the product if it flows into the interior. 2) INTERNAL DIRT: The internal infrared detector is an important device. Do not touch or press with your fingers or other objects, otherwise the accuracy of the measurement value will be affected. When the infrared sensor is found to be dirty, wipe it with a cotton swab moistened with 95% absolute alcohol. NOTE: Do not wipe the infrared detector with 75% sterilized alcohol (as the water traces will remain). Do not wipe the IR detector with other chemicals (as it will damage the IR detector).