W&H WS-91 LG Surgical Contra Angle 1:2.7 Handpiece – WH115

Surgical Contra Angle Handpiece


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The contra-angle handpieces with 45° head unite the advantages of straight and contra-angle handpieces for the first time.

This is particularly helpful in the surgical extraction of wisdom teeth, precise tooth separations and apical resections.

Depending on the drive speed, the ratio of 1:2.7 makes it possible to achieve speeds of up to 135,000 revolutions per minute on the rotary instrument.


Extraction of wisdom teeth



FeaturesConsiderably better visibility of the&treatment site thanks to the 45° head Unite the advantages of a straight and&contra-angle handpiece Makes the access to the maxillary and mandibular molars much simpler A triple spray guarantees sufficient cooling of the rotary instrument and the tooth
KEY Specifications

1:2.7, can be dismantled, with mini LED+, Triple spray, for surgical burs and cutters with FG shank Ø 1.6 mm, Maximum drive speed 40,000 min-1

Directions To USE

Can current contra-angles be attached to new motors? Yes. All W&H surgical contra-angles and handpieces can be attached to the new motor EM-19. Can the new contra-angles be attached to old motors? No. In order to deliver the best balance we shortened the inner coupling length. Therefore contra-angles with only an L suffix cannot be attached to old motors Can our customers disassemble the new contra-angles Yes. At W&H the letter "S" always communicates, that the surgical contra-angle is disassemble. The letter "I" communicates, that the surgical contra-angle cannot be disassembled (e.g. WS-75 L vs. WI-75) Why doesn't the light on my LED G contra-angle handpiece work when I am positioning an implant? The generator in the contra-angle handpiece requires at least 300 rpm to produce enough electricity for the LED. The rotary speed is between 15 and 50 rpm when positioning an implant. Can my W&H handpiece be processed via sterilizer. Yes, providing that your W&H handpiece carries the relevant sterilization symbol. sterilization symbol Which material is used at W&H surgical instruments? Internal and external parts are of high quality stainless steel (including the contra-angle handpiece head). Can LED instruments with generator be sterilized? Yes, W&H handpieces with LED and generator are both sterilizable sterilizable and thermodisinfectable thermodisinfectable. Is the removable spray clip of my surgical hand piece sterilizable? Yes. In order to extend the live span of the clip, W&H recommends to remove the clip from the hand piece and sterilize it separately (hand piece and clip in one pouch but separated). What is the difference between WI-75 and WS-75? Both assure maximum performance. The WS-75 can be dismantled and therefor it can be cleaned more thoroughly.


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