W&H TE Airotor Handpiece (97,95,98)

Airotor Handpiece Alegra Series


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W&H Alegra TE Air-rotor Hnadpiece (push Button Air-rotor)

Alegra turbine handpieces offer top quality due to their precision manufacture.
Ceramic ball bearings in Alegra turbine handpieces guarantee vibration-free and quiet operation.
And ensure an extremely long service life. Particularly when used with optimized care and maintenance procedures!
Dental turbine handpiece with steel ball bearings,
single spray and push-button chucking system,
for FG burs Ø 1.6 mm (ISO 1797-1)
Head size: Ø 12.2 mm
Power*: 16 Watt
Speed*: 330,000 -1



FeaturesCeramic ball bearings Triple spray for TE-97 and TE-98 models Powerful and reliable performance Patented hygienic head system Integrated resuction stop Component replacement by the user Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
KEY Specifications

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Head size: Ø 10.4 mm Power*: 14 Watt Speed*: 390,000 -1 For FG burs Ø 1.6 mm (ISO 1797-1)


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