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Piezomed puts all the advantages of innovative ultrasound technology at your fingertips. High-frequency microvibrations allow cutting with incredible precision. Also ensures an almost blood-free surgical site.

Piezomed facilitates the surgeon’s and implantologist’s work thanks to innovative ultrasound technology,only bone substance is resected with high precision.

The surrounding soft tissue remains uninjured.

As soon as an instrument is inserted, Piezomed automatically detects the instrument and assigns it to the correct power class.
This not only facilitates operation but also increases safety in oral surgery.
In addition, the risk of overloading the instruments is reduced and the service life of your surgical instruments considerably extended
The shadow-free light ensures ideal illumination of the operating site.
The handpiece with LED socket and cable can be thermo washer disinfected and sterilized.
The supply of coolant through the instrument to near the operating point guarantees optimal cooling of the instrument and the hard tissue.
The spray exits near the instrument’s area of activity and cools the operating site extremely efficiently during maxillofacial applications.
Piezomed detects the instrument during insertion and sets the correct power class automatically.
The power can be changed manually within the detected power class.

Piezomed adapts to your personal way of working and saves your last selected settings. The boost function can be used to increase the set basic power by 20 % for a short period of time.
“Power” operating mode: The handpiece’s power is increased by increasing pressure on the instrument. (Boost function possible)
“Basic” operating mode:The handpiece power remains the same irrespective of the load on the instrument. (Boost function possible)
“Smooth” operating mode: The handpiece‘s power is reduced by increasing pressure on the instrument.

With its range of 24 innovative instruments, W&H offers you the right instrument for bone surgery, periodontology and extraction, retrograde endodontics as well as for lateral sinus lift.

Type: SA-320
Mains voltage: 100 – 130 V or 220 –240 V
Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz
Max. power consumption: 90 VA
Max. output power: 24 W
Coolant flow rate at 100 %: min. 50 ml/min
Length of handpiece cable: 1.8 m or 3.5 m
Foot control: yes
Height / width / depth: 109 x 256 x 305 mm

Instrument kit »Bone«

1) B1


Fine-toothed saw for fine cuts, with little bone loss when harvesting bone blocks.
2) B2L,B2R

B2R, B2LB2R, B2LB2R, B2L

Fine-toothed instrument for horizontal cuts,
with little bone loss, in hard-to-reach areas. Right-curved and left-curved models available.
3) B3


Sharp instrument for modelling and contouring the bone surface, as well as for collecting
bone chips.
4) B4


Sharp chisel for splitting the alveolar ridge.
5) B5


Sharp scraper for collecting bone chips and detaching bone flaps.
6) B6,B7

B6, B7B6, B7B6, B7

Special saw for fine and deep cuts in record time. Especially suitable for harvesting bone blocks, splitting the alveolar ridge, separating tooth roots and for root-tip resections.



FeaturesAutomatic instrument detection Three individual operating modes Temporary 20 % power increase thanks to boost function Ideal illumination of the operating field thanks to LED ring illumination Efficient cooling thanks to spray opening close to the instrument’s working area Handpiece with LED socket and cable, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
KEY Specifications

Minimally invasive Maximally effective Ultrasound technology in oral surgery


Control unit Foot control S-N1 Handpiece with 1.8 or 3.5 m cable and clips Irrigation tubing set Mains cable Motor support, Stand Instrument changer Sterilization cassette Instrument kit "Bone"


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