W&H Implantmed Physiodispenser ST-923

Implant Motor

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W&H Implantmed Physiodispenser WI-75 E/KM Implantology Contra Angle WH154

not available Rs.181,000.00

W&H Implantmed Physiodispenser With WS-75 LG Surgical Contra Angle Fibre Optic 20:1 WH157

not available Rs.200,000.00 Rs.226,800.00


The Implantmed drive unit has been specially designedfor use in dental implantology.
Implantmed gives you the tools for oral surgical procedures in the fields of implantology and maxillofacial surgery with maximum precision.



FeaturesEasy to use Powerful motor with 5.5 Ncm torque Wide speed range: 300 up to 40,000 rpm at the motor Precise torque limitation: 5 to 70 Ncm Automatic thread cutter function Motor with cable, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable

Control unit Irrigant support Universal support Mains cable 3 disposable irrigation tubings Electric motor with W&H connection Foot control with cable W&H ST-923 model.


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