W&H Entran Cordless Endo Motor – HP330

Cordless Endomotor


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Entran is an easy-to-use endodontic system for rotary root canal preparation that is safe and effective in use.
Regardless of whether the crown-down or single-length technique is preferred:
Entran allows for delicate, safe and reliable work.


Optimal freedom of movement is not the only reason that Entran amazes as a cableless solution for automatic root canal preparation. The specially designed, light contra-angle handpiece considerably reduces hand fatigue.
The extremely small head increases the field of view and allows optimal access to the treatment site. The long-lasting lithium-ion battery makes up to 30 treatments possible with one charge.

The autoreverse and autoforward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.


The LED control ring lights up when over 75 % of the set torque is reached.


Ergonomically shaped drive handpiece for comfortable and fatigue-free working.



FeaturesCordless for complete freedom of movement Contra-angle attachment with extremely small head Torque limiting and torque control Auto reverse and auto forward mode Reliability with long-life Li-ion battery Ergonomic drive handpiece for fatigue-free and comfortable working Contra-angle head thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
Directions To USE

Can an external apex locator be operated with the Entran? We recommend taking measurements with an external apex locator directly on the file, if this is uncoupled. For which file systems can Entran be used? You can use any file systems on the market which are suitable for rotating preparation, have a 2.35 mm standard sheath and a torque of at least 0.5 Ncm. What happens if the file cannot be freed using the auto forward / auto reverse mode? Once the set torque is reached, the set mode (auto forward or auto reverse) is activated and Entran makes five attempts to remove the file. If it is not successful, Entran stops. It is recommended to restart it. If the file still cannot be removed, it should be released from the chuck system and removed manually. Can I use Entran with a Gates bur? It is not recommended to use Entran with a Gates Glidden bur as the low speed is insufficient to guarantee high removal efficiency. Where can I find the Entran torque settings that correspond to my file system? In addition to the overview of the values on the file cards included in the Entran's scope of delivery, the file manufacturers also provide information on the files' maximum torques. How long can you work on one battery charge? One fully charged battery is enough for over 20 treatments. Can the Entran stop working during treatment if the battery runs out? When the battery indicator starts flashing, there is enough time to finish the treatment. Afterwards, the ENTRAN needs to be charged. How long does it take to charge the battery? If the battery is completely dead, it will take approximately 90 minutes to charge fully


Contra-angle head EB-16 Drive handpiece EB-3 H Charging station Li-ion battery Mains cable and file overview