VOCO Traypurol Tabs 50 PCS

Instrument Cleaning Agent

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It does self-acting cleaning of impression trays/ instruments and removes alginates and cements within a short time.

Self-acting cleaning of impression trays and instruments



FeaturesRemoves alginates and cements within a short amount of time Especially easy to dose No vigorous stirring necessary – the tabs automatically dissolve when placed in water Gentle to material – suitable for all rustproof metals (including aluminium) and plastics Bio-degradable and pH-neutral Can be used in ultrasonic baths
KEY Specifications

Store Traypurol tabs in a dry area at temperatures of 4°C to 23°C

Directions To USE

Traypurol tabs are needed for 1 litre of cleaning solution. Simply remove the tablets from the foil, place them in the cleaning container and fill with cold or warm water. Warm water accelerates the cleaning process. Avoid contact with skin. Place trays and instruments in the tablet solution after removing any large pieces of material. Standing the trays upright promotes the cleaning process. Leave impression trays and instruments in the solution for at least 2 hours, but not more than 72 hours. Remove and rinse with clean water.


50 x Tabs