VOCO Profibase Maxillae 50 Pieces

LC Pink Transparent Base Plate

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Profibase :

Light-curing pink transparent base plates


Fabrication of gingiva-shaded bases for wax models of complete and partial dentures



FeaturesGingiva shade Simple and time-saving shaping by hand Permanent stability and compressive strength Pleasant mint flavour Non-sticky consistency Light-cured with standard halogen light (e.g. Individo Light Box) or UVA lights
KEY Specifications

Store at temperatures of 4 °C to 23 °C. Avoid direct sunlight.

Directions To USE

Fabrication of an individual tray Allow Profibase to reach room temperature before use. Mark margins for the individual tray on the plaster model. If necessary, use a space maintainer. If space maintainer is not necessary, insulate plaster model. Remove protective foil, mold plate onto the model and cut the desired rim as marked. A handle can easily be shaped from the excess material. Profibase is then polymerised on the model with a standard light unit (halogen or UVA light). Depending on the thickness of the tray, polymerise the reverse side for 3 - 5 min. A longer polymerisation time improves the physical properties of the material. Therefore, prolong time of polymerisation if necessary. The individual tray is immediately ready for use and can be worked upon without delay. A slight inhibition layer, eventually caused by oxygen, can be easily removed with a tissue moistened with alcohol. Fabrication of a base plate Mark the margin of the planned prosthesis base on the plaster model. Block out undercuts as usual. Isolate the model thinly with an alginate isolation. Carefully place a plate of Profibase onto the model, adjust the rims with a penknife and polymerise the model with base plate for 5 min in a standard halogen or UVA light unit.


50 x Maxillae pieces