VOCO Ionofil Plus Powder/Liquid

Glass ionomer filling cement

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VOCO Ionofil Plus Refill Liquid 10ml

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VOCO Ionofil Plus Refill Powder 15g

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Glass ionomer filling cement with new glass technology.


Spreadable consistency
Good marginal adaptation
Good translucency
Improved glass ionomer technology
Good aesthetics

Restoration of V-shaped defects and cervical enamel erosions
Restoration of deciduous teeth
Treatment of carious lesions
Class III fillings



KEY Specifications

Store at temperatures of 4 °C to 23 °C. Tightly close powder and liquid container immediately after use.

Directions To USE

Place powder and liquid on a glass plate or a suitable mixing pad and work the powder into the liquid a little at a time to begin with, then in larger quantities. Use 1 drop of liquid for 1 level measuring scoop of powder (mixing ratio: 4.7 - 5.6 g of powder : 1 g of liquid). When dispensing the liquid, hold the dropper bottle absolutely vertically. A strong plastic spatula should be used for mixing. The mixing time is 30 - 40 s (it should not exceed 1 min). The working time after mixing is approximately 2 - 3 min (the temperature should be 15 °C - 23 °C). After insertion of the material into the cavity, the setting time is approximately 2.5 min. During the filling procedure make sure that the working area is kept dry. Class V cavities should be at least 1 mm deep. Avoid feather-shaped margins. In case of doubt prepare in a conventional way. During the setting phase, especially immediately after application, glass ionomer cements are sensitive to humidity (breath, saliva) and also to drying-out. Therefore, if possible, apply a protective varnish immediately. After setting of Ionofil Plus, but no sooner than 5 - 6 min after application (depending on mixing temperature and mixing ratio) excess material may be removed with a sharp instrument and contouring can be carried out (flexible disks). Then cover again with varnish. The best results for final polishing can be obtained about 24 h after the filling has been inserted.


Ionofil Plus Refill Liquid 10ml: 1 x 10ml Bottle. Ionofil Plus Refill Powder 15g: 1 x 15g Bottle


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