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FinalTouch is a light-curing composite for individual shade characterisation of direct and indirect composite restorations and masking of dental hard tissue discolourations. FinalTouch is applied underneath/between the layers of restorative composite. FinalTouch contains 38 – 40 % w/w inorganic fillers in a methacrylate matrix



FeaturesReproduction of enamel characteristics Perfect extension of VOCO’s range of composite and ORMOCER restorative materials Excellent handling for high-aesthetic results Fine material structure and homogeneous consistency for accurate application In the non-dripping NDT-syringe 5 colours with opacity corresponding to the area of application

Personalised characterisation of direct and indirect composite restorations Masking of tooth discolourations Characterisation of chairside CAD / CAM veneers Available Colours: White, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown

Directions To USE

Preparation: Allow the material to reach room temperature before use. Ensure that the working field is sufficiently dry. Clean the teeth and/or restorations to be treated. FinalTouch is used together with light-curing restorative composites and adhesives. Pre-treat the dental hard tissue and existing substrate surface in accordance with the instructions for use of the restorative composite/adhesive used. Application of FinalTouch: FinalTouch can be applied directly to the restorative using the metal cannulas supplied, or it can be removed from the syringe and applied with a fine brush/probe or thin root canal instrument. If lower colour intensity is required, the selected FinalTouch colour can be mixed with a translucent composite flow material (e.g., GrandioSO Flow Incisal) before use, ensuring that no air bubbles are formed in the process.


Voco Final Touch -Set Syringe 5 x 1.5 g: 5 × 1.5 g (white, blue, yellow, orange, brown), Accessories Voco Final Touch -Syringe 1.5g: 1 x 1.5g Syringe