VOCO Calcimol Self-Cure

Calcium Hydroxide Paste

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Calcimol :

Self-curing paste-paste calcium hydroxide


Indirect pulp capping
Lining under all filling materials

should not be used in case of known hypersensitivities (allergies) to any of these ingredients. Let totally cure before filling in order to reach a sufficient stability for filling.
Do not use Calcimol as temporary filling or as the only liner carrying masticatory forces.
The catalyst hardens at low temperatures. Allow to reach room temperature before application, if necessary by shortly heating to 40 °C. Calcimol has a strong alkaline effect, absolutely avoid contact with eyes (mucosa).
Avoid contact with etchants (solubility).



FeaturesEffective protection of the pulp Easy application Suitable working time Short setting time Contains 26% calcium hydroxide Radiopaque Supports the formation of secondary dentine
KEY Specifications

Store Calcimol at room temperature (15 °C - 23 °C). 

Directions To USE

Mix equal quantities of Calcimol base and catalyst (mixing ratio 1.2 : 1 g/g) on a mixing pad or glass plate for approx. 10 s. The mixture should achieve a homogeneous consistency and uniform colour. Do not mix for too long. Once mixed, insert Calcimol into the cavity as quickly as possible. Use Calcimol at room temperature (15 °C - 23 °C). AtroomtemperatureCalcimolremainsworkableforapprox. 2 min and cures in the mouth within 2 - 4 min. Higher temperatures and humidity accelerate the setting time and reduce the working time, causing Calcimol to set more quickly in the patient's mouth.


1 x Base 13g Tube 1 x Catalyst 11g Tube


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