VOCO Bifluorid 10


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VOCO Bifluorid 10 – Bottle 4g

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Bifluorid 12:

Forms Calcium Fluoride depots for intensive and long-lasting fluoridation


Treatment of hypersensitive necks
Remineralization of enamel
Caries prophylaxis



FeaturesImmediately desensitising Formation of a protective coat against thermal and mechanical influences Transparent – no discolouration of teeth Special varnish base reinforces long-term effect and deep fluoridation Economical and simple – high yield, low cost, fast application Dries quickly Colophony-free Contains 5 % sodium fluoride (equal to 22,600 ppm fluoride) and 5 % calcium fluoride
KEY Specifications

Protect Bifluorid 10 from direct sunlight and store at 4 °C - 23 °C.

Directions To USE

Thinly coat the surfaces. Caution: Layers that are too thick may easily peel. Allow the fluoride varnish to be absorbed for 10 - 20 s, then dry with air. Bifluorid 10 remains on the applied surfaces for several days if it is correctly applied and appropriate oral hygiene is carried out (teeth should not be brushed for 12 - 24 h after application). For hypersensitive cervical areas, crown margins or similar indications, repeat treatment two to three times at intervals of 7 days as appropriate. Repeated application should only involve the drying of surfaces and reapplication of the varnish


1 x 4g Bottle


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