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Flowable Composite Material

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VOCO Arabesk Flow Syringe Refill Shade A2

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VOCO Arabesk Flow Syringe Refill Shade A3

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Flowable light-curing glass ceramic microhybrid composite with BCS* filler structure


Fine-flowing with excellent wetting capability
Very good aesthetics (chameleon effect)
Thixotropic properties
High adhesion with Solobond M
Precise application

Filling of small cavities
Extended fissure sealing
Filling of cavities class III and V
Lining, coating of cavities
Repairing composite fillings and veneers
Luting of full ceramic restorative pieces

No known side-effects. However, reactions from hypersensitive persons cannot be excluded.
If the cavity cannot be dried or the prescribed technique cannot be used, or in case of known allergies to ingredients (Bis-GMA, diurethane dimethacrylate, BHT, TEGDMA, hydroxyethylmethacrylate), Arabesk Flow should not be used.
Materials containing eugenol, oil of cloves or thymol interfere with the setting of filling composites. Do not use zinc oxide eugenol cements or other materials containing eugenol in combination with Arabesk Flow.
Discolouration may result from using cationic mouthwashes, plaque indicators or chlorhexidine.
Allow Caps to reach room temperature before use. Apply Arabesk Flow (Caps and syringes) with even, moderate pressure.



KEY Specifications

Store at temperatures between 4°C - 23°C

Directions To USE

Preparation/shade selection: Clean the teeth to be treated with fluoride-free cleaning paste. Mark occlusal contact points (posterior area); a minimal separation facilitates the design of the approximal contacts and the placement of the matrix. The Arabesk Flow shade guide is made of original lightcured material and matches the shade of a thoroughly polymerized filling. Moisten the shade guide and match the shade to the moist and clean tooth in daylight before anaesthesia. Use of a rubber dam is recommended. Cavity preparation: Preparation should be minimal according to the rules of adhesive technique to conserve healthy tooth substance. Cleaning/Drying: The cleaning and drying of the cavity is carried out with special preparations (e. g. hydrogen peroxide solution). Observe special instructions of bonding materials (see corresponding instructions for use). Lining: Pulp protection should be applied in close proximity of the pulp. In deep cavities, a lining is recommended. Due to their adhesion and fluoride release, glass poly-alkenoate (glass ionomer) cements are suitable for this purpose. Bonding: Apply bonding. Application of Arabesk Flow: Caps: Remove protective cap. Insert Caps into the opening of the dispenser (follow the instructions for use). Bend the metal cannula according to the indication into the desired direction. Apply Arabesk Flow directly into the cavity by slightly and evenly pressing the levers of the dispenser together. Use each Arabesk Flow Cap for one patient only. Syringe: Dispense appropriate amount with slight pressure and apply, or apply directly into the cavity. Important: Turn the piston of the syringe after application to relieve it from pressure and to avoid unnecessary flow of the material.


1 X 3g Syringe


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