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Gingival Colored Composite

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VOCO Amaris Gingiva Set Syringe

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VOCO Amaris Gingiva – Syringe 4g Nature

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Gingiva colored restorative system

Voco Amaris Gingiva is a highly esthetic, light-cured composite restoration system. It is designed specifically for the cervical area. Cervical dental defects are common dental problems that occur as a result of decay, periodontitis, abrasive brushing techniques or receding gingival margins. Esthetic treatment options for these defects have been limited to laboratory fabricated restorations

Voco Amaris Gingiva is a chair side restorative solution to treat cervical defects with a high degree of esthetics

Amaris Gingiva consists of one translucent base shade of gingiva with 3 opaque shades, one of which is used in conjunction with the translucent shade. The base shade helps to build up the wear cavity initially, and this aids in visualising the final outcome, and thereby fine tune the colour selection. With the base shade in place, the dentist can decide whether an opaquer is necessary.

Warning: The use of Amaris Gingiva contraindicated in patients with known allergies to the following ingredients – BIS-GMA, BHT, UDMA, HEDMA and TEGDMA.


One basic colour and three opaquers can reproduce most of the gingiva colours
Gingival recession can be treated esthetically and functionally
Gingiva colours for chairside use
Suitable for multiple indications
Natural appearance of the gingiva
Can be polished
Outstanding translucency and shade stability
Very low shrinkage due to high filler content 80 w/w %
NDT syringe prevents excess material flow
Life like results

Class V restorations
Esthetic treatment of cervical defects
Restoration of exposed, discoloured and hypersensitive necks of teeth
Esthetic corrections of malpositions of teeth
Treatment of black triangles formed by loss of interdental papillae
Treatment of exposed edges of crowns due to loss of gingival margin
Primary splinting



FeaturesHighly esthetic light cure composite resin Chair side use Gingiva colored Functional and esthetic restoration of cervical defects Esthetic restorations beyond the gingival margin Simpler alternative to surgery Specifically developed for the cervical area Can be adapted to a variety of gingiva colours High compressive and transverse strength Low abrasive values Set contains a shade guide showing the effect of mixing the opaquers with the restorative shade
KEY Specifications

Precautions: Do not use zinc oxide eugenol containing materials with Amaris Gingiva. Dispose the single use application cannula and cover the syringe with the cap after use. Storage: Store at room temperature 39°F - 73°F (4°C – 23°C) and close the caps after use.

Directions To USE

Preparation: Clean the teeth to be treated. Ensure a sufficiently dry workfield. The use of rubber dam is recommended Cavity preparation: Generally, a minimally invasive preparation (adhesive restorative technique) should be carried out to conserve tooth substance. It is not necessary to prepare caries-free cervical defects. Here, cleaning with a cleaning paste or pumice and a rubber cup or rotating brushes is sufficient. The use of a retraction cord can be helpful Cleaning: Remove all residues from the cavity with the water jet Any contamination with blood or saliva after cleaning has to be avoided Remove water residues with a faint airjet, but do not overdry dentin. The aim is to achieve a moist, but not wet dentin surface (moist bonding) Color design: Dark or strongly yellowish necks of teeth impair the color effect of the restoration. Therefore, these cervical areas should be covered with the enclosed Opaquer system before applying the filling The set contains a shade guide which serves as an orientation to show the color effect of the Opaquers combined with the restorative. The shade guide is made from the following components: White - for a light gingival color Light- for a medium gingival color Dark- for a dark gingival color Nature- the basic gingival color The color can be individually adapted step by step by mixing the Opaquers Bond material: Amaris Gingiva is applied with a dentin/enamel bond in the adhesive technique. All light-curing bond materials can be used. Observe the instructions for use of the bond chosen Light-curing: For light-cured the material market-available polymerization lights are suited. The output should not be lower than 500 mW/cm². Application of the Opaquer: Apply some Opaquer onto the tooth surfaces to be covered and disperse thinly, then light-cure for 40 sec. If necessary, apply a second coat of Opaquer to cover the tooth surface, and light-cure for 40 sec. In order to ensure the function of the non-dripping syringe do not pull back the plunger during or after use. Application of Amaris Gingiva: Apply fillings of more than 2 mm thickness in layers. Light-cure each layer with blue light for 40 sec Use transparent strips and light-wedges. Make sure to obtain good marginal adaptation. Hold the end of the light-rod of the polymerization device as close to the filling as possible. If this distance is more than 5 mm, curing depth may be reduced and limited to the light-cone. Incomplete curing may lead to discoloration and pulpitis-like complaints or restoration failure. Contouring and finishing of the filling can be conducted immediately after removal of the shaping device, using cooling (e.g. fine or extrafine diamond polishers, polishing disks). Finally, the entire filling margin, preferable the entire tooth should be fluoridated.


Voco Amaris Gingiva Set Syringe: 1 x 4 g syringe base shade nature 3 x 1.2 g syringe opaquers (white, light, dark) Accessories Voco Amaris Gingiva - Syringe 4g Nature: 1 x 4 g syringe base shade nature


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