TOKUYAMA Ionotite F Kits

Self-Adhesive Composite Ionomer Luting Cemen

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TOKUYAMA Ionotite F Mini Kit

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TOKUYAMA Ionotite F Regular Kit

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TOKUYAMA IONOTITE F is a self-adhesive composite ionomer luting cement which offers superb adhesion, adhesive durability, easy hadling and low sensitivity to water and moisture. TOKUYAMA IONOTITE F contians the precious metal adhesive monomer named “MTU-6” and the phosphoric acid monomer which has good effect on adhesion to tooth substance and non preciaous metal. TOKUYAMA IONOTITE F has an excellent mixability due to its favorable powder-liquid assimilation and bearing effect from the round silica particles in the powder component


Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges
Cast crowns and bridges with resin facings
Metal inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
Cast posts




Excellent adhesion to precious metal and teeth
Easy clean-up
Easy handling
Low water sensitivity
Fluoride releasing
Thin film thickness


Mini Kit:-
Powder - 10g

Regular Kit:-
Powder - 20g

Liquid - 6.4mL

Powder measuring scoop and Mixing pad


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