Tehno Dent Eugetin (14G/10ML) Root Canal Sealer

Root canal sealer

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Root canal sealer (ZnO Eugenol based Sealer)


Dexamethasone – 0.01%
Hydrocortisone acetate – 1.00%
Thymol iodide

Filling of prepared root canal with gutta-percha points
Filling of root canals in specific medical cases without gutta-percha points


Tehno Dent

FeaturesRadiopaque Significant periapical sensibility reduction (contains dexamethasone - 0.01%, hydrocortisone acetate - 1.00%) Easily mixed and remains flexible during 2-3 hours Strong bactericidal effect due to thymol iodide Dense canals and microtubules filling (film thickness 3-5 m) Low solubility (0,15%) guarantees longtime lifespan of root filling

1 x 14g Plastic Jar 1 x 10ml Bottle with a Pipette-Cap Measuring Spoon Mixing Pad