SHOFU Super-Snap Super Buff Set CA

Polishing Kit

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Shofu Super Buff Set is Specially designed aluminum oxide impregnated felt discs for polishing of direct tooth coloured restorations with easy to use snap-on system
Featuring a synthetic velvet polishing cloth on the outer surface, Super-Snap Buff Discs retain polishing paste during use



BenefitsOnly a very light touch is needed to produce a highly lustrous shine on porcelains and composites Flexible discs adapt to a tooth’s natural contours Best results are obtained in combination with polishing pastes These discs can be soaked in water until soft and flexible to activate before use The thick disk design enables super polishing of occludal surfaces efficiently Able to super polish multiple surfaces in a single bound without the mess of polishing pastes

For composite, porcelain or gold restorations Super-Snap Buff Disks have no metal centers or exposed mandrels that can discolor or gouge composite materials. It features a synthetic velvet polishing cloth outer surface which retains polishing pastes with minimum splatter or waste.

KEY Specifications

Recommended Speed Range Max.Speed Range Pressure 5,000-10,000 10,000 0.3-0.6N


25 x Discs 1 x CA Mandrels