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OneGloss is an aluminum oxide one-step finisher and polisher that provides the ideal finish for all types of composite and cemented restorations simply by altering the contact pressure as you go from finishing to polishing.
Available in three different shapes and durable enough to withstand polishing an entire arch.
Durable and disposable
Complete kit with stainless steel CA mandrels (no metal hub)
Durable, disposable and individually wrapped
Mounted on sturdy plastic mandrels (no metal hub)



BenefitsSilicone polishers with aluminium oxide Optimal ratio between speed and contact pressure Finishing and polishing with only one instrument No need to change instruments No polishing paste is necessary Optimal abrasive performance Low vibration performance
FeaturesThe degree of smoothness achieved on the restoration surface is determined by simply altering the contact pressure. Pressure of approx 1.0 Newton with intermittent water – for finishing Pressure of approx 0.3 Newton – for polishing OneGloss polishers are made using a high concentration of aluminium oxide with silicone as a binder. Saves time as finishing and polishing can be achieved with a single instrument.
Directions To USE

Finishing and polishing of all tooth coloured restorations Creating surface texture of direct cosmetic restorations similar to natural teeth Removing surface stain without damaging the enamel Polishing of enamel after scaling Removing excess cement without marring enamel or damaging delicate inlays Removing excess cement after Orthodontic debanding


20 x Onegloss Cup 20 x Onegloss midi Point 20 x Onegloss Inverted Cone 3 x Onegloss mandrel CA