SHOFU Ceramage Polishing Kit HP

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Ceramage Polishing Kit provides a convenient and efficient method of polishing all types of indirect resin restorations



FeaturesThe Fissure carbide bur is specially designed with a unique trigonal pyramid shaped tip or perfect pointed-end for anatomical carving of pit & fissure, trimming the inner surface of crowns and removal of porosities and excess materials, with superior cutting efficiency to provide precise replication of intricate surface details. Dura-Polish is an aluminum oxide impregnated polishing wax for pre-polsihing and polishing of indirect composite, porcelain, metal and denture resin. Dura-Polish Dia is a diamond impregnated polishing wax for super polishing of indirect composite and porcelain. Recommended Polishing Sequence: Adjust small parts on the occlusal surface with Robot Carbide Fissure Bur. Eliminate scratches on the surface and adjust the surface with Shofu Silicone Point HR2 and Shofu Pivot Brush SC. Prepolish with Shofu Pivot Brush using DURA-POLISH. Superpolish with Shofu Felt Wheel using DURA-POLISH DIA.
KEY Specifications

Robot Carbide Fissure Bur 50,000 rpm Shofu Silicone Point HR2 20,000 rpm Shofu Pivot Brush 10,000 rpm Shofu Pivot Brush HC 10,000 rpm Shofu Felt Wheel 10,000 rpm


Robot Carbide Fissure Bur HP: 1 x Silicone Points HR2 each of 11, 13S & 2pc of 28 1 x Shofu Pivot Brush 1 x Shofu Pivot Brush SC 1 x Shofu Mandrels x 2 1 x DURA-POLISH 20g x 1 jar 1 x DURA-POLISH DIA 5g x 1 jar 3 x Shofu Felt Wheels No. 1602 (16mm diameter, 2mm thickness) x 2 & No. 2405 x 1 (24mm diameter, 5mm thickness)