PYRAX Calci Paste (Calcium Hydroxide Iodoform Paste)

Calcium Hydroxide Iodoform paste

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PYRAX Calci Paste 1.5g

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CALCI paste help treat infected root canals,caries as well as deep seated gingival pockets.
Calcium hydroxide substances provide radiopacity.
It is water soluble and easily removable from the radiocular canal by simple irrigation.
It is used to clean and dry the canal after root canal treatment.
Use in internal and external root resorption.



FeaturesIt has bactericidal, anti exudative, alkalinizing, hameostatic and sedative action.

Pyrax CALCI Paste -1.5g: 2 x 1.5g Syringe Pyrax CALCI Paste -3g: 2 x 3g Syringe


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