Prevest Denpro Actino Gel/Liquid

Etching Gel/Liquid

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Prevest Denpro Actino Intro Pack

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Prevest Denpro Actino Economy Pack

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Prevest Denpro Actino Jumbo Pack

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Prevest Denpro Actino Liquid Packing

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Actino gel is composed of 37% phosphoric and 2% benzalkonium chloride which is used for etching techniques.


Prevest DenPro

Benefits2% benzalkonium chloride makes etchant antimicrobial 37% phosphoric acid to give best dentine etching results Does not dry etched tooth surface Provides controlled depth of dental etch

Before placing adhesive restoration Actino gel can be used for conditioning both dental enamel and dentine surfaces.


Intro Pack: 1 x 5mL Syringe Economy Pack: 4 x 5mL Syringe Jumbo Pack: 50mL Syringe Liquid Packing: 10mL Liquid


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