LATUS Ionolat | Extra high strength Glass Ionomer Filling Cement | GI Filling Cement

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Glass ionomer filling cement,

Ionolat is intended for use in dentistry for :

#. Fillings of milk teeth (carious cavities of all classes);
#. Filling of carious cavities of I and II classes of permanent teeth, including sealing fissures;
#. treatment of non-carious lesions of hard tissues (wedge-shaped defects, enamel erosion);
#. temporary filling with long-term treatment;
#. build-up of the tooth stump and restoration of the destroyed tooth structure under the crown.



KEY Specifications


Cement consists of a powder and a liquid containing polyacrylic acid. The working time of cement when mixing 1 measuring powder with 1 drop of liquid is 1.5-2 minutes at room temperature.

The duration of curing in the oral cavity is 4-5 minutes. Ionolat has satisfactory adhesion to dentin and enamel. Due to the prolonged release of fluoride ions, a high anti caries and antibactorial effect is ensured.
Cement is radiopaque.

4 colors are available on the Vita scale: A1, A2, A3, A3.5.


Cavity preparation:
The preparation of the cavity is carried out according to generally accepted methods.

Cement preparation:
Powder and cement liquid are dispensed onto a mixing pad. The powder is dosed using a measuring device, the liquid from the bottle in the ratio: 1 measuring powder and 1 drop of liquid. Mix the powder and liquid with a plastic or metal spatula. First, approximately half of the powder is added and mixed to the liquid, then the cement is brought in small portions of the powder to the desired consistency. In this case, the resulting cement paste should have a glossy appearance. Mixing is performed for 40-45 seconds.

Cement laying:
Cement must be laid within 1.5 minutes from the start of mixing. Cement is introduced into the cavity with a smoothing machine in 3-4 portions, condensing each portion with a stopper. The finished seal is checked and fit on the seal with topcoat.


As a protective varnish during filling, kopalovy varnish, light-cured adhesives and fissure sealants can also be used.


Store at a temperature not exceeding +25C.
Close the materials tightly after use.


1 X 15 GM Powder
1 X 13 GM Liquid
1 X Mixing Pad
1 X Plastic Scoop