KULZER Meliodent Powder Heat Cure Plus Universal Pack

Heat Cure Plus

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Meliodent Heat Cure is a denture base material designed by Kulzer Dental, to make technicians working environment safer. By containing only organic pigments. Meliodent Heat Cure is free from cadmium. The surface of the denture has perfect properties that allows for excellent oral hygiene. The large variety of colours satisfies almost all needs. Whether clear, standard pink or exotic colours – almost all regional colour exceptions can be satisfied. Compared to other products, Meliodent Heat Cure plays a special role as a denture material: it is most probably the only material with such a large variety of colours! The new Meliodent Line offers you more than 75 years of experience in the field of denture materials

The MELIODENT POWDERis a high quality denture base material imported from Germany Meliodent Heat Cure is free from cadmium. The surface of the denture has perfect properties that allows for excellent oral hygiene Meliodent Rapid Repair, an acrylic used for repairs,with material and colour properties that suit this quality denture base material perfectly Meliodent offers both 3 colours29(both heat-cured and self-cured), 43, 65(heat-cured) for laboratory to choose . Using Meliodent liquid to achieve higher levels of denture base.


Heat cure Polymer Powder (polymethylmethacrylate)
Liquid (methylmethacrylate, dimetha crylate)
This powder is more veined and gives more natural resemblance with respect to gingival colour and contour.


Trial closures may become unnecessary; displaced teeth and raised bite during flasking can be a thing of the past
Allows the busy technician to save time by packing dentures earlier than with other acrylics
High versatile working –Can be cured using the boiling technique or by any other curing cycle
A superior product with a competitive edge
This gives exceptional surface and smoothness characteristics. Less plaque build up and superior tissue compatibility means healthier patients



KEY Specifications

Super fine polymer gives a superb flow Short dough time 6 minutes at 23°C Long working time up to 30 minutes plus (depends on room temperature) Economical for use in the dental laboratory Unique co-polymer formula Broad spectrum of colour shades to suit all patients Exceptional smooth surface

Directions To USE

Injection technique: Dosage and processing The mixing ratio is 35 g : 14 ml (powder : liquid). Place the liquid in the mixing cup, add the specified volume of powder rapidly, stir to form a homogeneous mass for approx. 1 minute and leave to swell for approx. 7 minutes. Then release the mass from the mixing cup, knead briefly by hand (wear protective gloves) and plug into the filling cylinder. The waiting time before injection from the start of mixing at 23°C (73°F) is 9 –10 minutes. The waiting times depend on the room temperature and mixed volume. Close the filling cylinder using the cylinder cover and screw into the Palajet unit. Fasten flask using the centring wheel. After pulling the pressure unit forward as far as the stop, the rocker arm is moved upwards with the filling cylinder inserted and the denture acrylic injected into the flask with the aid of the pressure piston. Keep the flask under pressure in the Palajet unit for 15 minutes (rocker arm up). To check the time, set the timer to 15 minutes.


1 x 450g Powder 1 X 225ml Liquid 1 x 110ml Cold Mould Seal 1 x Separating Sheet