INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch

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INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch – 55mm x 260mm

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INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch – 135mm x 260mm

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INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch – 57mm x 130mm

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INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch – 70mm x 260mm

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INFRI Dental Self Seal Sterilization Pouch – 90mm x 260mm

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The self-sealing pouches are used for steam or gas sterilization, with internal and external color-changing indicators to confirm that sterilization has been successfully performed. These sterilization pouches are produced by coupling a film of transparent polypropylene to a sheet of white insulating high grade medical paper. Its high production quality guarantees exceptional strength It has assured sterility, packed items must be sterilized by 3 sterilization parameters, time, temperature and sterilant contact, followed by ISO standards and CDC infection control guides. It’s Dual process (external and internal) indicators are made from lead-free, non-toxic, water-based, environmentally friendly ink. It features easy peeling – Clean separation of paper and film, when opened, ensures safe presentation of sterile products. Its Perforated fold facilitates provids accurate folding of adhesive strip to form airtight seal. It has transparent, reinforced PET/PP film and three independent seal lines which ensures a prefect seal for sterilization. It has Excellent gas permeability and microbial barrier properties and 180 days protection for items after sterilization.



KEY Specifications

Used for steam or gas sterilization Internal and external color-changing indicators Assured sterility Easy peeling