INFRI Dental Saliva Ejectors

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Infri Dental saliva ejectors reflects safety, versatility, esthetics and comfort. It is made of non-toxic material, is phthalates free and latex free material is used. It has incorporated copper plated wire which allows to maintain a stable and price shape of the tube, it is added using materials and procedures specifically designed to ensure both patient and dentist safety while the aspirator is being bent and used. The special shape of the cap guarantees excellent suction, preventing any damage to the patient’s mucous membranes without any blockage of the tip. It has smooth clear tip and non-removable which are bonded to the transparent body with medical grade adhesives. Saliva ejectors are available in length 15 cm and transparent body with clear tips which are bonded. All the INFRI saliva ejectors are high quality medical devices in conformity with European standards.



KEY Specifications

Reflects safety, versatility, esthetics and comfort Non-toxic material Phthalates free Latex free material is used