INFRI Dental Microapplicators

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INFRI Dental Regular Microapplicator – 2mm

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INFRI Dental Fine Microapplicator – 1.5mm

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INFRI Dental Superfine Microapplicator – 1mm

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INFRI Dental Extra Thin Long Splender Microapplicator

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They are economical and disposable and are eco-friendly. They bends into any angle for the placement of small controlled amounts of material in limited access areas. They absorbs no materials, carries all material to working site and doesn’t leave any traces or residue of bristles. They have bendable and disposable applicator for cavity lining, bonding, etching, fluoride varnishing. They come in different sizes for your choice and multiple color for easy identification.



KEY Specifications

Economical and disposable Eco-friendly Bendable and disposable applicator Multiple color for easy identification