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Temporary crown material

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Manufacturing of temporary restorations on a model or in the mouth.


For the preparation of temporary crowns, bridges or dentures. Space maintenance.



BenefitsSuitable for making repairs Comfortable working time
FeaturesRapid cross linking Smooth surfaces without porosities Suitable for making repairs Comfortable working time
Directions To USE

A. CROWNS 1. PREPARATION a) Fill defects in the tooth with GC CAVITON or equivalent temporary filling material. b) Take an impression using a heavy (i.e. less water) alginate impression material. Wrap the impression in wet gauze to prevent distortion. c) Prepare the tooth to be crowned. d) Cut V notches in the impression from gingival to buccal and lingual sides to allow escape of excess resin. 2. MIXING a) The standard powder/liquid ratio is 1.0 g/0.5 mL (up to the first graduation on the powder measure and the first graduation of the liquid pipette). Note: To minimize shrinkage use as little liquid as possible. b) Measure the liquid into the mixing jar, and slowly add the corresponding quantity of powder. Mix for 20-30 seconds. 3. APPLICATION a) Pour the creamy paste into the prepared impression, and seat tightly in the mouth. b) After 3 minutes in the mouth remove the impression, leaving the dough like resin on the tooth. c) Remove the resin crown before it is fully set and dip in and out of hot water (± 50°C) several times in order to prevent shrinkage. d) Trim any excess using a bur and then polish. e) Cement the temporary crown in position using GC FREEGENOL or other appropriate temporary cement. B. BRIDGES 1. PREPARATION a) Select a suitable artificial tooth and fix between the abutment teeth using a suitable wax. Check the bite. b) Take a full arch impression using an alginate impression material. Carefully remove the pontic and wrap the impression in wet gauze. c) Prepare the abutment teeth as appropriate. Subsequent procedures are carried out as described above for crowns A. 1 (a) to A. 3 (e).


Tempron 100 G Powder