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Powerful yet quiet
The new T3 Racer is the most powerful turbine currently available. With air pressure of 3.3 bar, it reaches a power output of 30 watts. Users require less strength, have more control, and can work in greater comfort. In many countries, the turbine is the most frequently used instrument that a dentist may use 50 to 100 times a day. “So everything has to be just right. For dentists, the added power means they can work more quickly and efficiently,” explains Frank Peichl, Product Manager for rotating instruments at Sirona. With its ceramic ball bearings and the new 4-nozzle spray, it is also extremely quiet.
Developed and manufactured according to German quality standards
Sirona instruments are produced at the world’s largest development and production site for the dental industry in Bensheim, Germany. Sirona today employs more than 290 engineers and scientists who work on developing high-tech instruments “made in Germany” at the new Center of Innovation. Like all turbines, the T3 Racer is manufactured according to the highest quality standards. Last year, the dental equipment manufacturer built a new production hall for instruments in Bensheim just for it.
The T3 Racer therefore meets the highest demands: The sleeve of the ergonomically shaped, well-balanced turbine consists of rust-proof, durable stainless steel. This gives it a pleasant feel and quality look. It is also easy to clean, thermally disinfect and sterilize. The PHS (protective head system) also adds a hygiene advantage – it prevents fluids from being suctioned into the turbine head by creating a vacuum when the turbine is stopped. The push-button clamping system allows the bur to be replaced quickly and easily with no additional tools.
Suitable for all common treatment centers
The T3 Racer turbine has a permanent connection and is available with a 4-hole Midwest or a 2- or 3-hole Borden connection, allowing it to be compatible with all common treatment centers. The attractive price-performance ratio makes the turbine the perfect way to enter the world of Sirona products.



FeaturesHigh-quality, durable instrument made of rust-proof stainless steel and with ceramic ball bearings using German production standards Outstanding price-performance ratio Currently the most powerful turbine on the market, also extraordinarily quiet due to innovative cooling spray
KEY Specifications

Power (watt) up to 30 Speed 400000 Spray 4 Head diameter 11.9mm Head height 13mm Weight 46g Recommended bur size (ISO) 314/315 Driving air pressure (bar) 2.3-3.3 REF. Borden 64 60 427


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